Diversify your income and help secure the future with Solar
Changing times and climate mean that you should consider income diversification for the land that you own. By leasing some of your land for a solar park development you will earn a very sizeable inflation linked income for 25 years and keep your Single Payment Scheme (SPS).

Getting offers for your land?
You may well already have people trying to secure options for your land, offering to develop projects for you, or encouraging you to consider a solar farm development.  If you have, what progress has been made? Are you getting excuses or being asked to resign agreements?  You may be well advised to steer clear of these companies.

End2End solution
At Just Add Sun our End2End solution means that we have all of the necessary links in the project already in place and waiting to evaluate and proceed with your solar park development. From the very first initial contact and site visit to the developer willing to spend multiple millions of pounds building the solar park on your land. Our service is free and impartial, we will not waste your time.

ROC Drop
Renewable Obligation Credits (ROCs) are due to drop soon. Click here to see how this may affect you.

We pay you
To emphasis our confidence in our End2End solution, we will pay you for the privilege of evaluating your land as a potential site for a Solar park development.

Is my land suitable for a Solar park development?
There are a large number of factors that need to be accessed, checked and evaluated before the viability of a particular site can be confirmed to you. All of these variables are covered in the Just Add Sun End 2 End solution which will provide you with all of the information necessary to evaluate whether a solar park on part of your land is the correct decision for you.

Did you know?
Would you believe that the first solar power station designed to feed power into the UK grid was installed back in 1982!