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In an ambitious model being put forward by renewable energy firm MS Power Projects (MSPP), farmland 1,200m north of Henham – an area around the same size as more than 30 football pitches – would have 40,000 frame-mounted solar panels placed in it.

Larry Mark, development director at MSPP, said: “We like our farms to have as little environmental impact as possible and try to conceal them by use of natural barriers such as hedgerows. Because of this, we have had very little adverse reactions to our previous installations.

“Very few residents will be able to see the farm from their homes, but if there isn’t enough natural screening we will consult with the council to improve things, including possibly planting more hedgerows and trees.”

The solar farm will consist of a series of solar panels erected on frames in rows, up to a maximum height of 2.5 metres.

Once installed, the farm would supply 10MW of energy that will be tapped directly into the National Grid via an underground cable and will supply enough energy to power 2,500 homes.