Wymeswold £35m solar farm goes live

A £35m solar farm in Leicestershire, claimed to be the UK’s biggest, has been connected to the National Grid. More than 130,000 panels have been placed on 150 acres of land at Wymeswold Airfield, near Loughborough. Developer Lark Energy said the farm, built in less than 8 weeks, was expected to produce emission-free energy for the next 25 years. The company said it chose the site as it was relatively secluded and was not overlooked by nearby properties.
The project received planning approval from Charnwood Borough Council in November 2012.
Managing director of Lark Energy, Jonathan Selwyn, said: “All you can hear is the sound of birdsong, there is no noise coming from the solar farm itself. “There is no smoke, no emissions, it is just absorbing the sunlight and turning it into clean power and will be doing that for the next 25 years.”
The airfield also has a race track and an HGV training centre, which have been unaffected by the development.