Our End2End solution covers every conceivable aspect of your Solar Park project. Upwards of 90 individual processes each interlinked and planned out to shorten timescales and produce the most effective and commercially beneficial outcome for all.

Here are just a few of the processes, some of which can take just a day or so others weeks
(The items are not in a particular order);

  • DNO Consultancy Management
  • Prepare G59 Grid Application
  • Point of Connection Application
  • Acceptance of Connection Application
  • DNO Site Visit
  • Meeting with DNO
  • Wayleaves Management
  • DNO Design and procurement
  • Solar Technical Design Drawings
  • Topographic and landscape features survey
  • Prepare EIA (if required) or E Statement
  • Photomontages specialists where appropriate
  • Review of Environmental reports
  • Negotiations with planners
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment reports
  • Agricultural Survey
  • And that is just a few of them! As you can see we have our work cut out for you, which is why our End2End solution assists us greatly as we have all of the people, companies and agencies in place at the outset. We have spent time planning beforehand to save time in the future.