Just Add Sun
Seven months in planning and research, the company was incorporated in 2013.  Just Add Sun was created in direct response to the current frustration from land owners, the general public, planning departments, Designated Network Operators (DNO’s) and Solar Park developers.

Our research had shown that there was little or no coordination and at almost every level of the process.  Some of the most common points are noted below.

We wanted to create a seamless process for all those concerned with Solar Park development in the United Kingdom and firmly believe that we have with our End2End solution.  Find out more here.

Land owners:  Reports of Land owners being bombarded by “land agents” trying to sign up landowners into a option agreement with little or no idea what to do next.

General Public:  Often fearful of what might be “on their doorstep” tomorrow and thus reacting in a disproportionally negative manner because of a lack of information and proactive communication.

Planning Departments:  Suffering from a large increase in volume of  planning enquiries which would not have been necessary if more research had been carried out by the applicant in the first place.

Designated Network Operators:  DNO’s are obliged to evaluate and respond to each request for power connection point and quotation.  They have been inundated with vast numbers of applications which again would not have occurred had the applicant carried out more viability research on the proposed site in the first place.

Solar Park Developers:  Even a small commercial Solar park can cost upwards of £10 million.  With these sums involved developers are wary of misinformation, delays and potential project failure due to lack of earlier process controls.