Suitable Land

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Is your land suitable?
Here are some of the main preferable criteria. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and even if your land potentially doesn’t meet the requirements, why not complete the Solar park evaluation questionnaire and let us check it out for you.  Our service is free after all.

Size:    30-150 Acres flatter.

Sloping:   Flatter the better! Ideally the land should be flat or south sloping, a small degrees of sloping north, east or west can still work

Shading:   Tall building, forestry and high level hedging will reduce the effective usable area of you land.

Power:    Possibly close to an industrial area where there may already be grid capacity to take the electricity generated.  The next best thing is next to or close to a substation, perhaps there is on your land if not one within 1-2 kilometres?  Substation info click here.

Visibility:    Can the site be seen from other properties, if so will it be possible to screen the site with hedging, how many properties can see it and how far away are they?

Location:    Is the site in any Special Landscape Zones, such as Green Belt or area of natural beauty or overlooked by the same?

ALC:   What is the Agricultural Land Classification Grade?  Needs to be 2 or higher ie, 3, 4, 5…

Historic:    Does any area of the site have any Archaeology or Historic sites?

Access:    Is there any public rights of way going through the proposed site area?

Welly boots:    Is the site, or part of it is at risk of flooding?

Why not see if your land may be suitable? It will only take a few minutes of your time.  Just complete the form below giving as much information as possible.  Our service is free.